Otosclerosis is one of the commonest causes of deafness.

How we hear? (Physiology of hearing):

Sound wave falls on Ear drum= drum vibrates=Vibrations transmitted to 3 small ossicles of middle ear=Sound reaches to inner ear and nerve of hearing=Brain percepts sound.

Otosclerosis (abnormal growth of bone):

Causes stapes fixation = sound wave does not reach to inner ear=hearing impaired. Otosclerosis may involve balance system causing unsteadiness/vertigo.


No medical treatment or ear drops will help. Sodium fluoride use is controversial.

Surgery- Stapedectomy:

Stapes is removed and is replaced by a Teflon piston under operating microscope with special micro instruments. Surgery is done through ear canal under local anesthesia.

Hearing aids:

Hearing aids are prescribed to a patient who is not willing for surgery or is not fit for surgery.

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