Hole in Ear Drum-Tympanoplasty

Hole in the ear drum (ruptured Ear drum)

Ear drum is thin membrane that separates the ear canal and middle ear. Perforated tympanic membrane is a hole or rupture in the ear drum often accompanied by decreased hearing . Pain and liquid discharge from ear may be present if there is infection.

What Causes Hole in the Ear Drum?

Cause of ruptured ear drum may be:

Injury: Ear trauma, head injury, sudden explosion, Foreign object insertion.

Infection: Middle ear infection can cause a hole in the middle ear (Read More).

After ventilation tube falls off a hole may remain.

Eustachian tube problems may cause negative pressure in the middle ear causing retraction and hole.

What are the Symptoms of Perforated Eardrum?

Hearing Loss
Usually, tympanic membrane perforation causes hearing loss-larger the hole greater is hearing difficulty. If injury or infection affects small ossicles of the middle ear hearing loss may be more.
Pain & Ear Discharge


How the Hole in the Ear Drum is Treated? Tympanoplasty
Tympanic membrane perforation from injury or acute ear infection may heal within 3-4 weeks. If hole does not heal it may require surgery.

For Very small hole otolaryngologist advise chemical cauterization or patching.
Surgery for repair of hole in the ear drum is called tympanoplasty.
Surgery is done through the ear canal or behind the ear. Facia a thin material from incision site is taken to patch the hole.

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