Nose Block, Nasal Congestion, Nose Discharge

What causes nasal Blockage or Nose Congestion and nasal discharge?

Some of the common causes for blocked/stuffy nose and running nose are-

  • Allergy: Exaggerated response to common allergens Like house dust mite, pollen, moulds, whether changes
  • Infection: Such as Common cold is usually viral infection. Sometimes it may turn bacterial infection where secretion will become yellow or greenish.
  • Structural causes: Such as Deviated Nasal Septum (DNS) , hypertrophied turbianets. Septum is midline parttion which separates nose into two halves.Nasal Polyp , tumor and foreign bodies.
  • Enlarged Adenoids in children can cause nose block.
Mechanism of Cough
  • Avoidance of allergen
  • Medicines for Allergic Rhinitis
  • Antihistamines-Control sneezing, itching and watery rhinorrhea (running nose). 
    1. Decongestants: Useful to relieve nasal block.
    2. Corticosteroids: Topical nasal spary and sometimes systemic steroids are useful for allergic rhinitis treatment.
    3. IImmunotherapy: Use of subcutaneous injection of allerge extract in increasing concentrations and decreasing frequency.
  • Surgical treatment of allergic rhinitis: In patients with allergic rhinitis, the symptoms of nasal obstruction are often compounded due to the presence of anatomical abnormalities including bony and cartilaginous deformity of the septum (Septoplasty), hypertrophied turbinates (turbinectomy or turbinoplasty), sinusitis not responding to medical treatment(Endoscopic sinus surgery) and nasal polyp may require surgical treatment.
What are the causes of nose bleed (Epistaxis)?
What can be done to stop nasal bleeding at home?

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