Adenoid and Grommet Post Op

Adenoid Removal & Grommet Insertion

Pre Operation Instructions

Docs will advice some pre-op work up like blood test including Heamoglobin and clotting time.

Patient will be given general aneasthesia so he won’t be allowed to eat or drink for minimum 6 hours before and after surgery.

Normally surgery will take approx. 30-45 min for surgery.

Post surgery What to Expect ?


Patient may have some pain in throat and ear after surgery (severity varies from person to person) which is maximum on 7-10th day. A mild to moderate sore throat or intermittent twinges of pain from yawning, coughing, or sneezing may last for an additional 2-3 weeks. Liquid pain relievers (Lortab ® elixir or Tylenol ® with codeine elixir) taken by mouth are often effective


Oral intake should be adequate as it helps saliva flow. You are at risk for dehydration during the recovery period due to the sore throat. Dehydration can cause increased pain, increased likelihood of bleeding and delay in healing.

Ice cream is ideal first meal after surgery because it is soft and offers comfort for sore throat. Have lots of cold water. For first 24 hours you can have cold yogurt, jelly, and pudding. For one week have soft, bland diet not very hot like meshed potatoes, oatmeal, soups. Avoid acidic, spicy and rough food.

Lot of chewing-gums helps.

Activity and rest:

Take rest for one week. Avoid heavy lifting (greater than 20 lbs.) or straining for 2 weeks following the surgery. Do not perform any activity that significantly increases your heart rate, breathing rate, or blood pressure for 2 weeks, as this increases your chance of bleeding. Walking and other light activities are encouraged after the first 24 hours.

Care of Throat following the Surgery

The back of the throat is usually red, white and swollen during the first few days after tonsillectomy. Complete healing occurs at 2-3 weeks. Brushing the teeth during this time is encouraged although brushing the back of the tongue should be avoided Halitosis (bad breath) is normal in the first two weeks following surgery.

Small amounts of blood-tinged sputum are normal for several days after surgery, Staying well hydrated by frequently sipping water can minimize the halitosis and sore throat. Oral-hygiene is very important so you do gargles every time you eat something.

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