Why opt for Laparoscopic Pancreas surgery

The pancreas is a critical organ that plays an important role in the digestive processes and in regulating blood sugar.  As a treatment option, surgery for pancreas is usually undertaken to remove life-threatening tumours and infected tissues in the organ. It is considered to be the most effective way to treat pancreas cancer. Pancreas cancer […]

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XYZ has been detected with hernia, what is next? A beginners guide

A hernia condition is generally accompanied by a certain part of an internal organ protruding through a weak opening in another part of the body. Among the many types of hernias, the most commonly occurring type makes intestine stick out through a weakness in the wall of the abdomen. Some types of hernias occur during […]

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What to consider before undergoing laparoscopic surgery

A Laparoscopic surgery is normally defined as a “minimal access surgery,” indicating the tiny surgical incisions to gain access to the physical area of surgery. This specialized surgical method was traditionally used for diagnosing infertility or removing an infected gallbladder. However, during the last 10 years, this surgery has been successfully used for treating other […]

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The major differences between a laparoscopic (keyhole) and open cut surgery

Although both open and laparoscopic (keyhole)  surgery procedures have been around for years now, many uninformed individuals may still remain doubtful about the relative merits of laparoscopic or open surgery procedures. This post aims to clarify such doubts. The most fundamental difference between the laparoscopic and the open surgery is that in case of laparoscopic […]

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