Instruction for BERA/ABR Test

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) or BERA

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) or BERA test measures brain activity when sound is presented to the ear. The test checks hearing pathway from the ear to the brain.

During test the patient has to lie relaxed and have little or no movement, in case of child test is administered when child is sleeping. Sometimes a mild sedative is given o help child in sleeping.

Instructions to be followed

  • Please do not apply oil, cream to face, ear and head.

  • On day prior to your BERA appointment, keep the child awake till late night and wake him/her up early in the morning so that your child has had inadequate sleep. This is required so that your child sleeps well during the day of BERA testing. Also keep your child awake till your scheduled timing for BERA.

  • We realize that it is difficult not to allow your child to sleep or eat however it is important for successful testing.

  • If your child sleeps with some favorite night dress, blanket, toys etc please bring it since the testing room is quiet cold.

  • No food, breast milk, milk or formula 2 hour prior to test.

  • E.N.T. Clearance and otoscopy (to get your child’s ear checked by an E.N.T.)

  • To get fitness letter from your Pediatrician. This is required to determine the sedation dosage (so that child sleeps during testing) that needs to be given to your child.

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