Hearing Loss in Children and New Born

Hearing Lose

Hearing, vision and speech are highly important markers of a child’s knowledge, social interactive skills and dynamic capacities. Children grab information and communicate with people around them by imitating the voices and sounds they hear. Therefore, an undiagnosed or untreated hearing loss can immensely damage the overall child development in numerous aspects, ultimately resulting in issues like delayed speech, vocabulary and issues in social interactions.
  • According to latest research studies, hearing loss is known to affect 2% of children under 18 years of age in the general community.
  • Many types of hearing loss can be treated with a timely diagnosis and appropriate medical or surgical interventions.
  • 6-12 months; listen attentively to familiar sound, respond to name, imitate some sound & few words like bye-bye

Types of hearing Loss

  • Congenital (by birth) or acquired
  • Sensorineural, conductive or mixed
Get Ear and Hearing capability checked if your child shows any of the following symptoms or child does not have age-appropriate speech development.

  • Does not turn head towards/localize sound by 3-4 months
  • Does not smile at family members by 4-6 months
  • Does not follow verbal instructions by 12-14 months
  • Performing poor in school
  • Complain of earaches, ear pain or head noises?
  • Have difficulty understanding what people are saying?
Risk Factors for congenital hearing problems
Causes for acquired hearing problems in children
Diagnosis of Hearing loss in children
Treatment of hearing Loss In children
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