Causes of Hearing Loss

Causes of hearing loss

Bilateral hearing loss may affect professional life of a person. Hearing loss in children can impair normal development of speech & language, his emotional balance and academic & intellectual skills. So every effort should be taken to know the Cause of hearing loss and effective management to Prevent further loss. A brief account of Anatomy and Physiology of Hearing– How we hear to understand the causes of hearing loss.

Some Clinical Facts Related to Hearing Loss

  • Most common cause of Conductive hearing loss is wax.
  • Most common cause of progressive conductive loss in young adults and middle age is otosclerosis.
  • Common cause of deafness in children is otitis media with effusion.
  • Most common cause of deafness in elderly people is presbyacusis.
  • Conductive hearing loss is largely preventable and can be managed by medicine/surgery.
  • Sensorineural loss which can not be cured by medicines should be started with rehabilitation by hearing-aids.
Types of Hearing Loss
Hearing loss can be two types

  • Conductive loss’ when something is hampering conduction of sound from external or middle ear to reach inner ear or nerves of hearing. It can be corrected with medicine and/or surgery.
  • Sensorineural loss’ When problem is in inner ear or auditory nerves (Same as one has weak eye-sight). Usually it is permanent and need rehabilitation in the form of hearing-aids or cochlear implants.
Causes of Conductive Deafness
Causes of Sensorineural Loss
Management Depends On the Cause And Type of Hearing Loss