Hearing Loss in Adult-Management

Hearing-loss in adult should be evaluated & managed properly taking care of emotional & social impact of condition on patient & his family. Bilateral hearing loss may affect professional life of a person.

Aim is to know treatable cause and effective management to prevent further hearing loss.

Evaluation of Patient

  • Thorough medical history and E.N.T. Examination of ear, nose and throat
  • Hearing tests-Audiometry & tympanometry to know degree & type of hearing loss.
  • Ct/MRI occasionally

Most common cause of treatable hearing-impairment in adult is wax and tympanic membrane perforation is next most common cause.

Types of Hearing Loss and Management

Management of hearing loss depends on type of hearing loss; loss is of two types conductive and sensorineural, sometimes it may be mixed.

Conductive Loss

When something hampering conduction of sound in your ear to reach inner ear.

It is caused by an outer or middle ear defect and usually can be corrected with medicine and/or surgery. Such as:

Condition Treatment
  Outer ear canal
  Wax, foreign body, fungus   Removal/cleaning
  Middle ear
  Eustachian tube blockade or fluid in the middle   ear   Medicines or small procedure for ventilation of middle ear   (grommet)
  Infection (Otitis-media)   Medicines
  Ear drum perforation   Cauterization or paper patch or surgery (Tymanoplasty)
  Otosclerosis   Stapedectomy & Piston placement
  Any cause in nose/throat   Managed by medicine or surgery.


Sensorineural Loss

When problem is in inner ear or auditory nerves, (cochlear or retro cochlear)


Age (Presbiacusis) – hearing loss after age of 65 years, mostly idiopathic (cause not known).
When problem is in inner ear or auditory nerves, (cochlear or retro cochlear)


  • Age (Presbiacusis) – hearing loss after age of 65 years, mostly idiopathic (cause not known).
  • Noise-trauma
  • Menieres disease
  • Post-viral infections (like mumps, measles, influenza and herpes)
  • Ototoxic drugs (like aminoglycoside antibiotics (streptomycin, neomycin, amikacin, gentamicin, netilmycin)
  • salycylates, loop diuretics, antimalarials (quinines, chloroquine), erythromycin and cisplatinum)
  • Hereditary
  • Immune mediated
  • Endocrine & metabolic disorder
  • Vascular or neurogenic disorder
  • Tumor

Management of Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Treatable causes:-

If it is sudden loss, spontaneous recovery may be expected. 10 to 15% may have underlying etiology so it is important to find out & treat.

  • Immune-mediated: steroids
  • Tumor – surgery
  • Ototoxicity-stop the drug

Hearing Aids

Mostly chronic sensori-neural hearing loss can not be cured and person is prescribed to wear conventional/ digital hearing-aids.

Cochlear Implant

In bilateral severe to profound hearing loss cochlear implant (electronic device, a part is implanted under skin by surgery) may be successful.

Though hearing-aid are not as good as normal ear but if properly met with fitting requirements it can compensate well for hearing-loss.

Summary of Facts Related to Hearing Loss Management

Hearing-aid should be fitted and customized to individual after thorough hearing evaluation by ENT specialist and audiologist.

Conductive hearing loss can be treated by medicine or by surgery by your ENT specialist.

Sensorineural hearing Loss is irreversible (except sudden sensorineural).

Most hearing Loss is age related though any age can be affected.

Noise including personal sterio and MP3 player can cause and exaggerate sensorineural hearing loss even at young age.

Hearing Loss affects quality of life of individual and family members, struggling to follow conversations, continuously asking others to repeat can cause isolation and depression.

Early the better, research suggests that hearing loss brain become unaccustomed to receive sound. Longer the time more difficult to get used to hearing aid.


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