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Can Hearing Aids Help Patient with Tinnitus?


Tinnitus is a symptom where the patient hears a noise in one or both ears. The noise heard can be loud, shrill, a hissing sound, or anything else. This persistent noise can add to stress levels and make it difficult for patients to hear and communicate with others. Tinnitus is a symptom caused by various underlying conditions. However, the cause is often not identifiable and, therefore, tinnitus cannot be cured. However, tinnitus can be managed and treated so that patients are better able to cope with the noise they are hearing.

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Tinnitus Causes & Cure, Tinnitus Treatments


Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom. The underlying causes of this condition can be varied and include stress, wax in the ear, exposure to loud noise, hearing loss, Meniere’s disease, head injury, migraine headaches, hypertension, anemia, drugs that affect hearing, excessive intake of coffee, smoking cigarettes, and some types of tumors.

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