How Does Newborn Hearing Screening Testing Work


There are two types of newborn hearing screening tests, which are painless, safe, and quick to perform. They are –

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Signs and Symptoms of Hernia in your Child


Two types of hernia commonly found in children are Inguinal hernia and Umbilical hernia. Most medical literature indicates that in many cases, inguinal hernias affecting a child do not show any obvious symptoms. However, you as the parent of a child should be alert if you see your child straining to cry or cough, straining during bowel movements, or displaying a visible bulge in the tummy or belly button region when standing upright.

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Music is Increasing Risk of Hearing Loss in Teenager


Every time you hear loud music you are increasing the risk of damaging your hearing. Repeated exposure to loud music can permanently damage the inner ear and can cause permanent hearing loss.

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How to Select the Correct Hearing aid for Children?


Having a child with a hearing loss, is definitely a stressful journey for parents to walk through. Seeking for medical help, and making arrangements to choose a hearing aid accordingly, will not be an easy task, since it carries a completely different subject. In this article, the factors which should be kept in mind, in such a scenario are described in a nut shell.

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