Irritated with continuous sneezing? 5 easy Home remedies & preventions to your rescue!


Sneezing is a natural mechanism by which your body removes unnecessary irritants from the nose or throat. Mostly occurring suddenly without any prior warning, how more annoying this scenario can be, when you are having continuous episodes of sneezing in the middle of an important meeting or a function-you might need to visit an ENT Specialist.

What causes sneezing?

Commonest materials which cause sneezing include animal dander, smoke, smog, fumes, dust, pollen, cold weather, humidity and temperature changes, food, foreign bodies and medication.

Often associated with runny nose, red eyes and nasal irritation, sneezing is definitely not harmful or frustrating unless it occurs in a persistent manner.

You can use anti allergic tablets and nasal spray consulting your ENT or family doctor.

Possible remedies and preventive tips –

Squeezing the nose

One of the simplest and painless methods to prevent sudden sneezing attacks. When you get the preceding feeling of the attack, quickly squeeze your nose by catching the part just above the tip and stretch it out as if you are removing your nose off the face. This will stretch the nasal cartilage and let the air go out easily.

Pinching the upper lip

With thumb and forefinger, pinch your upper lip mildly and press it upward towards the nostrils. Your thumb should direct towards one nostril while the forefinger towards the other, bunching up the upper lip as mild as possible.

Peppermint Oil

Sneezing associated with stuffy nose and headache, mostly due to phlegm can be healed in no time by using peppermint oil which is known to be an effective, antibacterial agent.

Boil some water, add six drops of peppermint oil and cover your head with a towel. Slowly breathe in the steam coming from the boiling pot which will help in loosening the stuffed phlegm which will help to clear the nasal passage.


Ginger, a natural protector of irritants entering through the nasal canal, is known to be one of the oldest and most effective home remedies used to treat different nasal conditions including sneezing, precipitated by viral infections.

Use 1-2 teaspoons of ginger extract twice daily until sneezing stops or cut a tiny piece of ginger root into thin slices, put in a glass of water and boil it for some time.

Adding some honey will take away the harsh taste.

Consuming this mixture before going to bed will result in a comfortable sleep, halting the attacks of sneezing at night.


Garlic has several natural healing properties, fight against bacterial and viral agents which cause respiratory tract infections, thus preventing sneezing.

Crush garlic cloves and make a fine paste which is inhaled gently absorbing the harsh fragrance. This will help in clearing the nasal passage and avoid phlegm-induced obstructions.

It is also advisable to use both ginger and garlic in your daily diet in order to strengthen the immunity system, thereby preventing colds and infections, possibly causing persistent sneezing attacks.

In addition, try to avoid known triggering factors as much as possible to prevent recurrent infective attacks. If the case is severe it is advisable to meet an ENT specialist who will identify the etiology and treat you with antihistamines to improve symptoms.

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