Gall Bladder Stone Removal

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy for Gall Bladder Stones

After finishing the high fat meal you feel pain in your abdomen or under your right arm, followed by nausea or vomiting. You could be suffering from a gallbladder problem.

Most common Gallbladder problem is because of gallstones. Removal of the gall bladder is a most common way of treatment of symptomatic gallstones.
What is Gall Bladder?
The gallbladder is located in the right upper abdomen beneath the liver and stores digestive juice produced by the liver (Bile). After eating bile is released from Gall Bladder into small intestine that helps the body to digest fat.
What is Cholecystitis?
What is Gall Stones?
What are the Symptoms of Gall Bladder Stones?
How to Diagnose Gallstones?

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy


Open surgery requires a long cut through skin and muscles to expose the area to be operated. Laparoscopic or keyhole surgery is less invasive.

The laparoscope is inserted into the patient’s body through a small cut in the skin at the belly button. Specially designed surgical instruments are placed through other small incisions.

A surgeon performs the operation watching the magnified images on the monitor via video camera.

The new buzz in laparoscopic surgery is single Port Access surgery an advanced Minimally Invasive Surgical procedure in which the surgeon operates laparoscopically almost exclusively through a single small cut at Navel rather than multiple cuts. No stitching is required to close the opening.

Effect of Gall Bladder Removal on Digestion

To conclude we can say the treatment of gallstones is the removal of the gallbladder not the stones only and there is no ill effect of Gallbladder removal on normal digestion. Contrary to common belief you can eat the fatty meal even after Gall Bladder surgery. Fat is digested with the help of bile which is secreted by the liver. Gall Bladder merely stores it. Doing timely gall bladder surgery we may safeguard against a lot of Complications like Cholecystitis & Pancreatitis. Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery is the gold standard.

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