Hernia FAQ

Q1. I am a 25 yr old sportsman. I noticed a lump in my groin 3 days ago. My family physician diagnosed it as hernia & advised surgical opinion want to know what a Hernia is?
A hernia is a protrusion of contents of the abdomen through a weakness or tears in its muscles forming a lump underneath the skin. Mostly it is seen in the groin but it may be present on abdominal wall above, at or below umbilicus & at the site of surgical scars.
Q2. I have a Hernia near my naval but it is painless, soft & disappears on lying down, very rarely it swells turgid or pains. Do I still have to go for surgery?
Q3. Is surgery a must for a Hernia and what are the options which I can choose from?
Q4. How long it will take to recover after Hernia surgery?
Q5. When can I return to work after surgery?
Q6. I have a Hernia surgery planned next week. Can I drive back home after discharge?
Q7. Can my Hernia be repaired using single incision laproscopy?
Q8. I delivered my 2nd baby an year ago and noticed a lump by the side of previous surgery scar. Doctor suggested repair using a mesh. I am scared to have a foreign body inside what to do?
Q9. My father was operated for Hernia long back. Do I need to undergo checkup to rule out the same? Is hernia hereditary?
Q10. My mother is 55yrs old & she has been operated for Ventral Hernia twice but it has recurred. She has a 12cm defect in the midline. What kind of repair will solve her problem?
Q11. I have noticed that my belly button becomes prominent on standing & coughing. I have read on internet & it looks like Hernia. What tests should I do to confirm my diagnosis?

Steps to Prevent a Hernia

Hernia results from combination of weakness in the muscles and strain on body

  • Maintain healthy weight: healthy weight is determined by your height measured by BMI (Body mass Index) Overweight causes stress on body. Consult your dietician for diet and exercise plan.
  • Coughing should be shown to doctor. Quit smoking
  • Allergy causing excess sneezing and coughing should be treated
  • Eat fruits, vegetables and grains to avoid constipation
  • Do not lift weight more than you can handle

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