Piles Awarness Programme


Every rectal bleeding is not piles and patient should be screened for colorectal cancer
.  Jhawar Hospital in Vashi  Navi Mumbai  advises people to get a check up done immediately when there is flow of blood from the anus while passing motions before it gets too late.

“Almost 60 to 70 per cent of patients who visit the Surgical OPD reportedly suffer from piles, yet it is commonly misdiagnosed”,  Dr Nitish Jhawar (General, G.I. and Laparoscopic surgeon)  was speaking at an awareness campaign held at Vishnudas Bhave auditorium, Vashi recently to answer some thorny questions about piles that has assumed a big health problem with the advent of a westernized lifestyle that involves long hours of sitting and working, and erratic eating habits.

“Low fiber diet, tinned and canned food get absorbed fast leaving a low residue hence the colonic transit time is more besides the carcinogens causing cancer stay longer in the colons that is a great cause of concern as it affects both bowel movements and also leads to colorectal cancer”, reasons Dr. Jhawar

The 100- odd participants at the awareness camp had several queries that largely related to finding out if there was an alternative therapy or yoga besides solutions offered and whether piles could be diagnosed and treated with a blood test and Ultra Sonography.

The normal tendency, says Dr Jhawar, is self-medication and the stigma attached to piles discourages those suffering from piles from consulting a doctor. “But, diagnosis is important even if there can be various treatments on offer though all of them not too effective.’’ the surgeon cautions.

Dr. Jhawar says there is no need to panic - “If piles is detected at an early stage it can be treated effectively without surgery by life style modification, dietary modifications, stool softeners and medication".

If piles is in grade one and grade two stages, stool softeners and medicines help besides new FDA approved minimally invasive painless technique Doppler Guided Haemorrhoidal Arterial Litigation (DG HAL) that ligates the blood vessel supplying the piles leading to shrinkage of piles mass. Even for advanced stages of piles, Major surgery for hemorrhoids can generally be avoided with latest methods of treatment minimallyInvasive Painfree Hemorrhoidectomy (MIPH) or piles stapler surgery.

Surgical treatment of haemorrhoids has significantly changed by advanced techniques which are safe, pain free and minimally invasive. These procedures can be performed as outpatient basis or with short hospital stay and allows patients to return to work earlier compared to conventional treatment options.

Main symptoms of piles are — Pain, Bleeding per rectum, Anal Itching & mucus discharge, and feeling of something coming out of anus. Dr Nitish Jhawar said, “Every rectal bleeding is not piles and it should be always screened (by Colonoscopy/Sigmoidoscopy) for colorectal cancer. The danger signs that suggest that flow of blood can be a case of cancer of the colon are mucus in stool, altered bowel habits, unexplained anemia and weight loss and family history of colon cancer. If detected early, colorectal cancer can usually be treated".

Jhawar hospital Vashi is committed to spread the awareness about Anorectal health & help for silent sufferers who don’t come out with their problems due to stigma. Program was followed by registration for free consultation and examinatio.