Colorectal Clinic Navi Mumbai

Vashi's Fortis Hirananadani Hospital today inaugurated “Navi Mumbai’s first Colorectal clinic”- the brain child of laparoscopic, G.I. and Colorectal surgeon - Dr Nitish Jhawar.

The clinic is a one-stop service designed to accurately diagnose and treat all problems related to the appendix, colon, rectum and anus. Dr. Jhawar will spearhead the colorectal department as its Director with his expert team. Clinic inaugurated by laparoscopic surgeon and surgical gastroenterologist Dr Roy Patankar.

Speaking at the launch Dr. Nitish Jhawar said, “Colorectal services, traditionally are time consuming and not convenient to the patient. Patients have to wait for a long time for telescopic examination, radiology, and procedures which are carried out in different places and at different times. In order to address this issue we set up the colorectal clinic for rapid and accurate diagnosis and treatment.” “Patients will undergo an initial consultation with the colorectal surgeon, and a telescopic examination of the lower bowel (Proctoscopy & rigid sigmoidoscopy) will be done to look for any cause of the problem followed by treatment if necessary within a few hours”, he added.

Dr. Roy Patankar said, “The idea of starting a dedicated colorectal clinic is to provide quick, convenient and effective healthcare services to the patients. The clinic will also work towards creating awareness among the residents about colorectal health and hygiene.” The clinic will introduce for the first time ever in Navi Mumbai investigation modalities like DEFECOGRAPHY, & manomtery and treatment modalities like STARR & DG HAL which are minimally invasive, painless and less incapacitating.