Vertigo causes, symptoms, and treatment

Often in our daily life, you would have experience the spinning movement of environment due to dizzy spells. When you get the feeling that the whole of you is moving then it is regarded as subjective vertigo whereas the sensation in which the whole surrounding seems to be moving then it is termed as objective […]

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Generally when people suffer from some hearing related disease, the common symptoms accompanying a perceptible loss of hearing are dizziness, buzzing, ringing, or nausea. Many times, the nagging symptoms are ignored, especially if the affected individuals are aged. Although older people are expected to suffer hearing loss, the other accompanying symptoms cannot be overlooked as […]

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Vertigo or spinning type of dizziness can be caused by different disorders, and these disorders are mainly classified as central and peripheral. Central disorders are to do with issues in the brainstem or the brain, while in peripheral disorders the balance organ or inner ear is affected. Here are some of the main disorders that […]

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