Nose Bleed (Epistaxis)

Why Nose Bleed Occur?

Casue of nose bleeding may be in the nose or rest of the body.


  • Trauma to nose

  • Nose picking with finger very common cause of nose bleed in children

  • FB Nose : young children may insert some object inside nose. If it remains inside nose for longer time may cause inflammation and bleed.

  • Infection or inflammation in the nose/sinuses:

  • Structural problems in nose: like septal spu

Drugs :

  • Use of local steroid nasal spray

  • Cocaine

  • Drugs affecting blood clotting anticoagulents

Environmental Factors :

  • Too cold or too dry air

  • Pressure changes like in descent in aircraft

Systemic causes :

  • Hypertension: High blood pressure is a common cause of nose bleed in the elderly.

  • Blood disorders: hemophilia, leukemia, platelete disorder

  • Blood vessel disease: vasulitis, aneurisms

What can be done to stop Nasal Bleeding at home?

Sit up rather then lying this reduces the pressure on the veins in the nose,and helps to stop the bleeding.

Pinch the nose near the tip using the thumb and index finger for 5-10 minutes. Breathe through the mouth.

Apply ice to nose and cheeks.

Always consult ENT specialist /your physician for proper diagnosis of cause and specific treatment.

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