How We Hear?

ear_01The ear has three parts: the outer (external) ear, the middle ear (the ossicles), and the inner ear (the cochlea). Each part of the ear has a role in hearing.

  • The external ear (pinna and the ear canals) gathers sound waves and transmits them to the eardrum.
  • The sound waves cause the eardrum to vibrate.
  • This vibration is then passed on to the three small bones of the middle ear (the Incus, Malleus and Stapes), which amplify and conduct the vibrations to the inner ear (the cochlea).

The hair cells of cochlea (inner ear) move in response to the vibrations passed from the ossicles, generating an

electrical signal that travels along the hearing (auditory) nerve to the brain.

The brain recognizes the signals as sound.

The volume of sound is measured in decibels.

Any Problem Anywhere to This Hearing System May Cause Hearing Impairment.

  • Hearing loss caused by an outer or middle ear defect is called conductive hearing loss. Damage to the inner ear, is called sensorineural hearing loss.
  • Most outer and middle ear problems can be managed with medication or surgery.
  • Mostly chronic sensori-neural loss can not be cured and person is prescribed to wear conventional/ hearing-aids. In bilateral severe to profound hearing loss cochlear implant may be successful.

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