Muscles of our abdomen are strong enough to keep organs, intestines and their contents in proper positions. But, due to some reasons, these intra-abdominal contents can get pushed out from a wakened spot in a muscle giving rise to what we call Hernia. Femoral Hernia is defined as a bulge of tissue through the wall […]

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The Best way to Treat Sports Hernia

The concept of sports hernia is far beyond the real hernia. When there is a disruption or tearing in the groin’s tendons and muscles of athletes, it is known as Sports hernia or Gilmore’s Groin or Sportsman’s Hernia. The injury may be any of these types: Conjoined tendon tear Oblique aponeurosis external tear When conjoined […]

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Hernias are fairly common, affecting both adults and children. A hernia is caused when any part of an internal organ,typically the stomach or the intestines, pushes through a weak point in its surrounding tissue or walls and protrudes. Hernias occur in the area between the chest and hips– the abdomen, groin, and upper thigh. Abdominal […]

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XYZ has been detected with hernia, what is next? A beginners guide

A hernia condition is generally accompanied by a certain part of an internal organ protruding through a weak opening in another part of the body. Among the many types of hernias, the most commonly occurring type makes intestine stick out through a weakness in the wall of the abdomen. Some types of hernias occur during […]

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