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When Life is Calling Can You Hear?


Audicco Ear, Hearing and Speech Clinic offers evidence based Ear, Hearing and Speech evaluation, diagnosis & treatment by experienced ENT Specialist and qualified Audiologist and Speech Therapist.
Audicco is equipped with the most advanced Audiology equipments and is first center in India to have GN otometrics cutting edge Auricle audiometer and Probe Microphone Measurement (PMM) system for precise hearing aid fitting.
Our hearing aid fitting protocol of simulated surround sound technology provides you to hear real world everyday sounds (Such as birds, restaurant, birthday party, railway platform).
Our ENT Specialist provides medical and surgical management of conductive hearing loss and Master Audiologist provide most suitable digital hearing aid fitting & rehabilitation if hearing loss is of permanent type.

Services Offered

  • Video Otoscopy
    Ear Examination by ENT Specialist to make sure that hearing test results are right and wax and infection are cleared before performing test and proper diagnosis is made before offering treatment options -medical, surgical and hearing aids fitting.

  • Early Hearing Intervention & Newborn Hearing Screening
    Oto Acoustic Emissions, we recommend that every newborn should be screened for hearing loss before discharge from the hospital.

  • Pediatric and Adult Hearing Evaluation
    Behavioral Response Audiometry / Visual Reinforcement Audiometry
    Impedance Audiometry
    Pure Tone Audiometry/ Speech Audiometry
    ABR (BERA) and ASSR and Diagnostic OAE
    Speech in noise test (Central Auditory Processing Disorder)
    Cochlear Implant & BAHA Candidacy Evaluation

  • Hearing Solutions
    Medical and surgical management of conductive hearing loss
    Digital and Analogue Hearing Aids fitting as per life style requirement and budget (from all premier hearing aid manufacturers)
    Hearing aid training (rehabilitation), after service and repairs
    Noise protectors, musician and swimmers ear plugs
    Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs): including TV and telephone listening systems
    Alerting devices for telephone, door bell, and alarm
    FM Systems for clear hearing in noise and from distance

    *Vertigo Evaluation and Management
    *Tinnitus Evaluation and Management
    *Speech Evaluation and Therapy

  • Speech Conditions We Treat
    • Language and Speech delays and disorders
    • Oral motor delays
    • Stuttering/ Fluency disorders
    • Articulation disorders
    • Apraxia of Speech
    • Cleft Lip AND/OR Palate
    • Dysphagia (Swallowing disorders)
    • Traumatic brain injury/ Stroke/ Aphasia
    • Voice and Resonance disorders
    • Autism / Mental retardation /Learning disability
    • Down's syndrome
    • Learning disability

Types of Hearing Aid.


Invisible In the Canal (IIC) Suits for mild to moderate hearing loss. Not visible, as fit deep inside the ear canal.


Completely-In-the-Canal (CIC) Least visible.


In-the-Canal (ITC) Fits into ear canal.


RIC Very small, virtually invisible for sloping high frequency hearing loss where low frequency hearing is nearly normal.


Behind-the-Ear (BTE) Easy to manipulate and used for variety of hearing –losses.


CROS/BiCROS For people with no hearing in one ear Normal hearing or some hearing loss in the other ear

Doctor Team

Dr. Archana Jhawar

Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon & Hearing Specialist
DR Archana jhawar is Chief ENT specialist and her special focus is early intervention- Prevention, diagnosis , medical -surgical management of hearing loss & tinnitus, in eladerly as well pediatric population.
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Hearing Aid Dealer and Fitting Centre, Navi Mumbai, Vashi

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