Maintain the right diet and body weight to avoid a stone in the gall bladder

The low-profile, pear-shaped organ performs a critical function in the human metabolic system—it collects and stores bile—to aid in the digestion of fatty foods. Interestingly, most people do not pay attention to or even realize they have gall bladder problems till the symptoms begin to surface. The gallstones, depending on their size and quantity, can […]

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Diet Pills and Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss Isn’t for Everyone

In spite of an extremely fast-paced, modern lifestyle with immense activities, a large portion of the global population is suffering from obesity and associated health ailments. People who are overweight or ‘at risk’ of developing health problems generally want to take some drastic measures like taking diet pills or going through a bariatric (weight-loss) surgery […]

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Compared to the previous generations, the current generation is better-informed and more conscious about their health, especially now that technology has enabled remote diagnosis and doctor consultation through tele-health. Modern technology is certainly felt across the global healthcare spectrum as remote teams of specialists are sharing their professional wisdom to deliver the best possible healthcare […]

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