Gastrointestinal Conditions

Most adults are too embarrassed to disclose their ‘trials and tribulations’ with regular bowel movements, but yes, it is true that most people, regardless of age, suffer from gastrointestinal problems. According to medical literature and healthcare articles, gastrointestinal or GI conditions seem to be more prevalent among women than among men. In ‘Gender-related differences in […]

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The stomach is a critical part of the human anatomy, as it controls the entire digestive process. The “belly region” plays a pivotal role in maintaining at least 50% of the body’s immune response, along with 25% of the body’s immune cells. The anatomical “gut” contains millions of bacteria which amount to about ten times […]

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Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is an affectation of the large intestine, and is quite a common problem. People suffering from IBS experience uncomfortable symptoms, but the condition does not alter bowel tissue or increase chances of getting colorectal cancer. IBS Symptoms Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms and their severity can greatly vary between people. Secondly, it […]

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