Are you someone who unusually experiences the day today sounds unpleasantly loud and utterly painful? Have you ever found it difficult to tolerate sounds which do not seem too loud to others? Then it’s likely that you have become a victim of Hyperacusis. What is Hyperacusis? Human auditory system has an astonishing sound range ranging […]

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Have you ever started sneezing all of a sudden with a runny nose on top of that which is just enough to make your day worse? The question becomes more confusing when you cannot recall any particular reason for those changes to occur at once. There you are, most likely to be suffering from what […]

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Ear, is the organ which gives us the ability to hear and maintain the balance. Therefore, any anatomical or mechanical problem involving the ears can give rise to symptoms like ear pain, itching in the ear, ear block, complete or partial loss of hearing and ringing sensation in the ear (tinnitus). You can read about […]

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