When is a thyroid surgery required?


Thyroid gland is considered to be an important gland in our body. It is placed in the lower part of our neck. It is responsible for development of thyroid hormone and it also controls metabolism. The surgery of thyroid may be advised for the cancer of thyroid or non malignant nodules where a hard or soft fluid filled lump is formed inside the thyroid gland due to abnormal growth of thyroid cells. The surgery may also be required for goiters or large thyroid, hyperthyroidism or excessive active thyroid and cysts. There are times when surgery becomes necessary when there is a possibility of thyroid cancer.

Is thyroid gland removed completely during surgery?

The section of thyroid gland that will be removed completely depends on the problem in the gland and often the removed section consists of the nodule only, or left or right parts; one half or the entire gland along the lymph nodes if the cancer is in advanced stage. Do not forget to learn why doctor had recommended the thyroid surgery and the extreme to which he/she is planning to remove the gland. It is always important to understand what your body is going through so that you can respond to the treatment in the best way.

Reason behind thyroid gland surgery:

There are certain reasons due to which surgery becomes essential to deal with thyroid problems, like:

1) Development of benign or non-cancerous nodule which is becoming a hindrance while swallowing or breathing. It becomes essential to treat it then.
2) There may be a possibility of thyroid cancer.
3) Certain cystic nodule which has been drained for couple of times but the fluid filled cyst keep coming back.
4) A problem called as Hyperthyroidism can only be treated through surgery as radioactive iodine or medicines cannot treat it.

What are the chances of success for such surgeries?

The success rate of thyroidectomy process completely depends upon the kind of cancer a patient is suffering from or on the extent of the spread of that cancer to the rest of the body parts. A follow-up treatment may become a compulsion to arrest the cancer completely so that it cannot revert back. If the cancer has spread a lot then too the follow up is necessary.

Risks involved

Generally no risk is said to be involved with thyroid surgery but there can be certain complications like:

1) If while complete thyroidectomy parathyroid glands happen to be damaged or removed by mistake the hypoparathyroidism may occur. In case of lobectomy, one cannot find this possibility.
2) If the patient faces problems related to hoarseness or change of voice then it may be a case of nerves damage when the surgery was taking place. The nerve related to the voice delivery gets badly effected during such problems. It is rare if the surgery is performed by an experienced and skilled surgeon or if you have been treated only for lobectomy and not for complete thyroidectomy.

Things to remember

In case you are treated with thyroidectomy then hypothyroidism may be developed; in such case you may have to rely completely upon the thyroid hormones supplements throughout your life for smooth functioning of your life. For the patients undergone subtotal thyroidectomy or lobectomy doctors may ask to continue your thyroid medicines forever.

Commonly a patient has to take radioactive iodine once he has undergone a surgery for the treatment of thyroid cancer so that the doctor can ensure that whole of cancer cells and thyroid tissues are vanished. In case the cancer is detected in a person then he needs to undergo a complete thyroidectomy as per the instructions from his surgeon.

There are patients who may regularly have low levels of calcium after hyperthyroidism. Doctors advise them to continue with the calcium supplements till the problem persists.

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