What are the Effective Treatments for Sleep Apnea?


Treatment of Sleep Arena in Normal Cases could be Simply by Altering your Life Style Like:

   Better sleeping positions to facilitate better breathing.
   Controlling weight
   Controlling acid reflux
   Restricting intake of sleeping pills, alcohol, caffeinated products etc

   Quit smoking as upper airway may swell due to it and may cause worst condition of apnea and snoring.


During sleep a person wears a mask over mouth or nose, known as Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). This mask is attached to a machine which is responsible for random air flow to nose and keeps the breathing regular. It is among the highly preferred treatment option for treating sleep apnea. It is somewhere similar to BPAP (bi-level positive airway pressure) but it changes with the inflow and outflow of air while breathing.

Dental Devices

For keeping the airway patent while you are sleeping certain dental devices are made by dentist to treat sleep apnea effectively.


For the patients who are suffering from small lower jaw, deviated nasal septum and enlarged tonsils that makes the throat narrow need surgery for treating sleep apnea.

The lists of surgeries that are recommended for treating sleep apnea are:

UPPP (Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty)- this surgery helps in removing the soft tissue that are located in the back portion of palate and throat and lead to enlarge the throat opening’s airway width .

Nasal Surgery– deviated septum issue is resolved through this surgery.

Surgery of Mandibular Maxillar advancement- this is the surgery which is needed to treat throat obstructions or facial problem that causes sleep apnea.

Other Options of Treatment

There are certain procedures that help in hardening the soft palate’s soft tissue. It had helped in correcting snoring but its effect over sleep apnea is yet to know.

Inspire is a suggested implanted device for those who feel uncomfortable while using CPAP. It consists of a generator of small pulse which is positioned in upper chest under the skin. The natural way of breathing is detected by a wire in the lung and through an additional wire placed on the neck that develops a mild stimulation for keeping airway muscles open by controlling them through nerves. This whole program is controlled through a remote. Different treatment is suggested for different problems of sleep apnea.

There are several devices that could be used to open the blocked airway. Sometimes surgery becomes essential. At least 90 days time is allotted to check the effect of any treatment before shifting to undergo the tedious process of surgery. The basic aim behind any of the suggested treatment or surgery is to keep a check on weak breathing pattern. The best way to deal is to take the advice of sleep specialist as he is the right person to suggest the ideal way to treaty sleep apnea. As the problems of sleep apnea is different, so as the treatment!

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