Tele-health: Technology-Enabled Remote Medial Consultations


Compared to the previous generations, the current generation is better-informed and more conscious about their health, especially now that technology has enabled remote diagnosis and doctor consultation through tele-health. Modern technology is certainly felt across the global healthcare spectrum as remote teams of specialists are sharing their professional wisdom to deliver the best possible healthcare at affordable costs.

This article reviews some of the successful tele-health facilities that are available to patients in any geography:

evaidya online patient consultation

One such remote healthcare initiative is eVaidya Pvt Ltd, which offers healthcare solutions through advanced telemedicine technology. This company has enabled multi-specialty healthcare services by connecting doctors and patients through channels like voice, video, email, chat, or discussion forums. evaidya, a registered member of Tele Medicine Society of India, enjoys a user satisfaction rate of 98.3% its 40000 plus patient community. More than 1500 doctors on their panel are carefully screened and authenticated by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Their business motto is to offer “affordable healthcare” through packaged plans, which typically includes doctor consultation via phone and email, notification services via SMS and email alerts, quick consultations and much more. Currently they offer 7-days, 15-days, and two annual plans.

Another remote healthcare platform is DoctorSpring: A platform to allow patients to consult specialists. Doctor Spring has designed its patient care platform on the backbone of technology, where remote medical consultation and evidence-based advice are offered via video chat and associated tools.

Founded by a doctor and two technologists in 2012, this ambitious venture has finally taken shape. Deepu Sebin, an Internal Medicine and Neurology expert gave up his practice to devote his time and energy to DoctorSpring, along with Satya Parija and Gurlivleen Singh, both graduates from NIT Karnataka .

DoctorSpring’s global objective is to make the talented pool of Indian doctors available for US patients, who find it difficult to receive affordable healthcare. As this India-based company will be able to deliver the same technological convenience and medical expertise as some other US-based tele-health platforms, but at a much cheaper rate, this venture stands a solid chance in the global tele-health market.

DoctorSpring operates on a pay-per-consultation model and offers fixed price rates for GP consultation or specialist opinions.

This UK-based tele-health facility offers expert medical advice through video chat technology. The patients, regardless of their geographical locations, can engage with the doctor in a face-to-face, lie chat session from the comfort of their homes or offices. Push Doctor’s treatment approach is to deliver instant medical solutions on many health issues.

The Push Doctor delivers online prescriptions via email or regular mail. The prescriptions are usually meant for use in UK pharmacies. Another fine policy followed by Push Doctor is preserving all the medical records of a patient and making them freely available to the patient as necessary with a few mouse clicks.


Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, MeMD delivers affordable, on-demand tele-health facilities by combining telemedicine technologies and innovative business models. Their vision is to “create a healthier world through on-demand healthcare.” Their facility has already improved public access to healthcare providers, reduced healthcare costs, and made the patient care experience enjoyable and comfortable.

MeMD is continuously working to transform healthcare outcomes with modern technology, while keeping a firm eye on the evolving tele-health market.

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