5 Healthy Mid Meal Snack Options for Workplace (That Too Without Cooking)


Mid meal snack ! That too healthy! And you are saying to carry it at the workplace

Yes, There are many nutritious mid meal snacks options, but the thought of cooking and carrying it doesn’t allow us to follow it in today’s busy world where most of us spent most of the time at workplace.

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Obesity: Diet & Exercise Tips


Number of obese and overweight people are increasing in India . One out of every five is overweight or obese across the country today. NHFS conducted a study on Maharashtra showing that 15.9% of males and 18.1% of females are obese or overweight.

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Role of Nutrition in Maintaining Digestive Health


The stomach is a critical part of the human anatomy, as it controls the entire digestive process.

The “belly region” plays a pivotal role in maintaining at least 50% of the body’s immune response, along with 25% of the body’s immune cells. The anatomical “gut” contains millions of bacteria which amount to about ten times of the cumber of human cells.

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