5 Healthy Mid Meal Snack Options for Workplace (That Too Without Cooking)


Mid meal snack ! That too healthy! And you are saying to carry it at the workplace

Yes, There are many nutritious mid meal snacks options, but the thought of cooking and carrying it doesn’t allow us to follow it in today’s busy world where most of us spent most of the time at workplace.

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Gallstone Prevention Diet


There is no sure evidence to prevent Gallstones but it is possible to have a effective gallstone diet plan to reduce risk. Research has also shown that Vegetarians have a significantly lower risk of developing gallstones, compared to people who eat meat.

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Obesity: Diet & Exercise Tips


Number of obese and overweight people are increasing in India . One out of every five is overweight or obese across the country today. NHFS conducted a study on Maharashtra showing that 15.9% of males and 18.1% of females are obese or overweight.

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Role of Nutrition in Maintaining Digestive Health


The stomach is a critical part of the human anatomy, as it controls the entire digestive process.

The “belly region” plays a pivotal role in maintaining at least 50% of the body’s immune response, along with 25% of the body’s immune cells. The anatomical “gut” contains millions of bacteria which amount to about ten times of the cumber of human cells.

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Tips for Recovering after Laparoscopic Gallbladder Removal Surgery


The gallbladder, connected to the liver and intestines through bile ducts, plays an important role in the human digestive system. The main function of the gallbladder is to store a fluid known as “bile,” which aids the digestion of food materials, especially fat. Bile passes from the gallbladder to the intestines during the digestive process.

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Severe Pain in the Belly Right after Meals? There Could be a Stone in Your Gall Bladder


Although an acute pain in the belly can indicate many different problems, the pain caused by gallstones has a nature of its own. The pain in the gallbladder can be of two broad types: acute or chronic.

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Maintain the Right Diet and Body Weight to avoid a Stone in the Gall Bladder


The low-profile, pear-shaped organ performs a critical function in the human metabolic system it collects and stores bile to aid in the digestion of fatty foods. Interestingly, most people do not pay attention to or even realize they have gall bladder problems till the symptoms begin to surface. The gallstones, depending on their size and quantity, can make their presence felt through the common symptoms as stomach pain, feelings of nausea and bloating, or vomiting. When symptoms become that apparent, it is time to remove the gall bladder! However, if your gall bladder problems are less severe and hardly perceptible, watching your daily diet and body weight can immensely help in aggravating the problems.

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5 Risk Factors of Gallstones and How to avoid them


Gallstones, which are solid particles growing in the gall bladder, can be of two types—stones formed from excessive cholesterol deposits in the bile, or pigment stones formed by too much bilirubin in the bile. Globally, gallbladder diseases are quite high! Moreover, a significant portion of this affected population happens to be the Native Americans or Mexican Americans. Gallstones vary in sizes, but they can seriously impair the metabolic system if not prevented at an early stage of development. Gallbladder stones are treated with the latest treatment procedures in facilities like Neoalta Clinic.

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Diet and Colorectal Cancer


The role of right diet and nutrition cannot be ignored in day to day life and when a person is suffering from colorectal cancer than its role become more important. While you are undergoing treatment for colorectal cancer treatment you need to gain more nutrients through the food rather than supplements you consume.

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