50% of Patients With an Anal Abscess Develop a Fistula


Can an anal abscess develop in to a fistula?

Are you a person who was suffering from an anal abscess recently and now scared as to whether it can lead to some other complications?

Yes, untreated anal abscess which is not treated in a timely manner may often result in anal fistula.

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Appendicectomy : What to Expect


What is Appendicectomy?

This is a surgical procedure which can be done either openly or laparoscopically and used to treat the condition known as Appendicitis- inflamed appendix, which is pear shaped vestigial organ located in the right side of the lower abdomen.

This condition can occur due to an obstruction or blockage in the organ due to fecal matter, mucus, foreign bodies or pathogenic parasites. When these external substances get accumulated, they will cause irritation in the site leading to an inflammation where the appendix get inflamed.

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Irritated with continuous sneezing? 5 easy Home remedies & preventions to your rescue!


Sneezing is a natural mechanism by which your body removes unnecessary irritants from the nose or throat. Mostly occurring suddenly without any prior warning, how more annoying this scenario can be, when you are having continuous episodes of sneezing in the middle of an important meeting or a function-you might need to visit an ENT Specialist.

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HYPERACUSIS: An Increased Sensitivity to Everyday Sounds


Are you someone who unusually experiences the day today sounds unpleasantly loud and utterly painful? Have you ever found it difficult to tolerate sounds which do not seem too loud to others? Then it’s likely that you have become a victim of Hyperacusis.

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Can Gallstones still be present after a cholecystectomy?


Why is there pain even after the gall bladder removal?

Mrs. Agrawal, a 56 years old lady visited Gastroenterology clinic with right side abdominal pain for 5 days. She has a history of a laparoscopic cholecystectomy performed 6 months back, the gastroenterologist is bit concerned now. Can she have a recurrence of gall stones? Is it possible after the removal of gall?

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Does your child keep his mouth open, especially while asleep?


It’s everyone’s dream to have peaceful perfect sleep. Normally breathing takes place by nose but if child is keeping his mouth open specially at nights then possibly there is some obstruction to his/her breathing. Mouth breathing and/or snoring due to adenoids or allergic cold is common in children.

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