What to Expect Before and After Hernia Surgery


A hernia surgery is usually a fairly minimally invasive one, the goal of which is to repair the weak tissue situated in your abdominal wall so that your intestines or other such tissue is not able to push through again. The earlier you choose to repair the hernia, the smaller the size of the hernia, and thus, lesser trauma from surgery. Surgery on smaller hernias need less recovery time, and that is why it is wise to seek medical attention sooner rather than later.

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Choosing a Specialist for your Gastroenterology Procedure


If you have a gastroenterological disease and have been recommended to carry out a gastroenterology procedure to deal with the condition, you want to make sure that you are associating with the right specialist.

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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures in Gastroenterology


There are a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and services which are used to diagnose and treat patients who are suffering from a variety of gastrointestinal disorders. Here are the most common.

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Why Is An Inguinal Hernia More Common In Men Than In Women?


An inguinal hernia takes place when soft tissue tends to protrude through a weak portion of the abdominal muscles. This soft tissue could either be part of the intestine or part of the membrane that lines the abdominal cavity (omentum). What results is a bulge which tends to be fairly painful when you bend over, cough or lift a heavy object. According to research, men are 10 times more likely to develop an inguinal hernia than a woman. Let’s explore why.

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Can Hearing Aids Help Patient with Tinnitus?


Tinnitus is a symptom where the patient hears a noise in one or both ears. The noise heard can be loud, shrill, a hissing sound, or anything else. This persistent noise can add to stress levels and make it difficult for patients to hear and communicate with others. Tinnitus is a symptom caused by various underlying conditions. However, the cause is often not identifiable and, therefore, tinnitus cannot be cured. However, tinnitus can be managed and treated so that patients are better able to cope with the noise they are hearing.

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Tinnitus Causes & Cure, Tinnitus Treatments


Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom. The underlying causes of this condition can be varied and include stress, wax in the ear, exposure to loud noise, hearing loss, Meniere’s disease, head injury, migraine headaches, hypertension, anemia, drugs that affect hearing, excessive intake of coffee, smoking cigarettes, and some types of tumors.

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Key Hole Surgery (Laparoscopy) for Gall Bladder Stones

After finishing high fat meal you feel pain in your abdomen or under your right arm, followed by nausea or vomiting…
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Types of Hernia – How Are They Recognized?


A hernia is a protrusion of tissue through a wall of muscle. Most hernias occur in the abdominal region. They are observed as a small lump that might disappear when the patient lies down or when the lump is pressed. Some hernias are painful, especially when the patient bends, coughs, or lifts weights.

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How Obesity as well as Weight Reduction is Risk to Developing Gallbladder Stone


What are Gallbladder Stones?

The gallbladder is an organ shaped like a pear, located under the liver. This organ helps in digesting food by storing bile liquid and delivering it to the small intestine.

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Stomach Ache and Abdominal Pain


Most people experience stomach pain or abdominal pain at some point in their lives. There are many causes that can lead to abdominal pain and many of them are easily treated. However, some pains have serious underlying causes and need prompt medical attention and hospitalization to treat them.

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