Easy Snoring Remedies: How to Stop Snoring


Snoring is quite common, and is caused by different reasons. Diagnosing why you snore will reveal the cause of your snoring and then you will know the steps you could take to remove this cause and stop snoring.

Snoring can be caused by the way you are built, sinus problems, being overweight, smoking, consuming alcohol, and your posture during sleep. Snoring can be indication of sleep apnea, especially when you feel tired and sleepy during the day.

In case of sleep apnea, the doctor can recommend Surgeries, or special devices that can help you stop snoring. In other cases where snoring is not connected to a serious problem, you could try out these remedies.

Shed Excess Weight

Being overweight has been seen as one of the causes of snoring and therefore shedding excess weight could provide a solution. Especially, when you have gained fat around your neck area, it can restrict the throat’s internal diameter causing blockage to the airway during sleep. Hence, starting a fitness regime or switching to a more healthy diet could stop your snores.

Alter the Position in Which You Sleep

When you lie flat on your back, your soft palate, and your tongue’s base will collapse towards your throat’s back wall. This restriction will cause you to make a vibrating sound when you sleep, and therefore, simply, switching to your side while sleeping can help you prevent snoring. However, keeping a particular position during sleep can be a bit of a challenge. Use of a full-length pillow could be an easy solution to remaining on your side throughout the night. Another option is to tape a soft rubber ball at the base of your back, which will prevent you from lying on your back. Another option would be to recline your bed with the head up, as that can open up your nasal passages for unobstructed air.

Drink More Fluids

Well, you might have to visit the bathroom at night if you drink more fluids, but overall you will be able to sleep better and avoid snoring. This is because water will prevent your soft palate and nose secretions from becoming sticky. According to a medical report, men should drink at least 16 cups of water while women should stick to at least 11 cups of water.

Take Care of Nasal Allergies

If you have allergies to dust or to certain fabrics then make sure you have a clean environment while sleeping. Make sure, the sheets and pillow covers are made of materials that do not cause any allergies, and thoroughly vacuum the bed and mattress to be rid of dust and animal dander. Keeping pets out of your bedroom would be a good idea, and make sure you get rid of dust mites. Nasal sprays or treatment of allergy is recommended.

Steam inhalation/ Salt water rinse

If you snore because of blocked nose then you could take steps to open up your nasal passages. Any blockage would mean obstruction for the fast moving air, which will produce snores. A simple solution would be to take steam inhalation. Saltwater rinse or a neti pot is also effective in relieving nasal blockages.

Avoid Alcohol/Smoking/Caffeine

Alcohol is known to reduce the resting tone of muscles, especially the ones at the back of your throat. It has been seen that people who do not normally snore, are known to snore when they have taken alcohol before sleeping. Therefore, avoid alcohol even four to five hours before sleeping.

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